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Pro Stock engine 400cu chev latest technology has run 6.92@198 will run faster… can come with maintenance program and R+D program…. run here in Australia. $70,000

1 x RAMS near new twin disk, very good condition like new upgraded studs, bronze floaters new, no coating, ti stands,comes with spares… 3x7inch rams disks new,2x bronze floaters new,1xbronze floater used……$3500
1 x DZE used 10 passes ….very good condition like new, 7 inch full titanium fly wheel to hat, twin disk, coated, ,comes with spares,6 discs, 2 floaters stands,throw out bearing,dail indicator and mixed items bolts, pins, etc, etc………$5300
1 x Leanders 6 inch triple clutch, $8000



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Latest lamb shocks with sweeps 2 sets A+B soft and hard valving comes with one sweep controller has run 6.95@196 in prostock trim…. $5500
Latest lamb pro stock struts with air sweep, A arms to suit has run 6.95@196 in prostock trim..$7800
Koni shocks, koni box, ness sweep air controller black set gone 7.65 B/gas record holder in pro truck ….$1500
Springs..all $100/set or the lot for $500 some are new
 Lamb… 8”175lbs, 8”235lbs  Hypercoil..8”225lbs, 12”85lbs, 10”85lbs, 10”110lbs  Eiubach 8”200lbs,


Springs - $100 per set or $500 the lot

1. 8" 235 lbs
2. Hypercoil 8" 235lbs, 12" 85lbs, 10"85lbs, 10" 110lbs
3. Eiubach 8" 200lbs

Lamb/Richmond rear pro gears
1. Ricmond ..514…$300 2. Ricmond ..516…$300 3. MW low drag big pinion support.. $250 4. MW low drag big pinion >5.33 used.. $300 5. MW low drag big pinion >5.25 used.. $300 6. MW low drag big pinion >5.20 used.. $300 7. Dewco small pinion 5.43 used ….$200
Lamb/Richmond pro gears
1. 5.38 new $600 2. 5.40 used 5 passes $450
3. 5.29 used 3 passes $450



Fuel systems
1. Magnafuel efi pump 625+reg….$500
2. Magnafuel prostar 500+ twin reg +log little use $700

BRE prostock carbies 2.250 blade + drop ins $3800 +

MT 16x16xBS5 stud 5x4.75 double bead locks New pair…..$2800
Weld 15x16 xBS5 stud 5x4.75 prostock wheels new pair….$1800
Weld 15x16 xBS5 stud 5x4.75 prostock wheels used pair….$800



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Mark Williams Axles
40 spline gun drilled pro 5x4.75 stud pattern. face of bearing to end of spline 1x.290mm 1x.365mm $500


Liberty Transmissions

1 x Liberty Transmission with your choice of ratio if available $10,000 each

Gear Ratios - $600 each

Head Sets - 20x26, 19x25, 24x32,
Ratios 40z17, 38z16, 36z15, 37z16, 39z17, 34z15, 36z16
2" 28z17, 26z16, 35z22, 27z17, 33z21, 25z16, 28z18
3" 26z21, 31z25, 25z20, 23z19, 232z19, 30z25
4" 27z28, 26z27, 20z21

Spare trans sliders all $160 each

Left and Right sliders
Reverse Sliders
1" gear sliders abnd 5" gear hub

Mixed items

Lauznch controllers $50.00
Star vac pump breather can $15


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